Our Story

Our passion is to provide you with an intimate window into the best of Portuguese culinary heritage

My childhood was spent growing up in Praia Das Macas, Portugal where the mountain slopes of the Sintra-Cascais natural park meet the majestic waters of the Atlantic Ocean. I have fond memories of my childhood there. Sunny days spent in the mountains or playing in the warm atlantic seas. I remember family and friends coming together every day for dinner. It was as much a social event as it was about food. But boy, was the food good. My Grandad would always bring fresh fish caught from the ocean that day, whilst my uncle supplied the vegetables picked straight from the mountain slopes. The smells were simply heavenly as my mum cooked up a delicious feast for us all to enjoy as we laughed and chatted about that days happenings.

As a young man, I left my home in Portugal to travel and see the world. Family connections brought me to England and Priors Hardwick where I started working at the Butchers Arms for Lino Pires over 20 years ago. I worked my way up to general manager and in 2015 with Lino’s retirement, I had the opportunity to become the proud owner of the Butchers Arms with my wife Allison.

Together we bring back the rustic simplicity of Portuguese cooking fused with the refined ingredients of British cuisine to create mouth watering dishes for you to enjoy. We hope you make fond memories around the dinner table, share stories and laugh together as we cook you a delicious feast…after all, memories are the most precious things we hold!

From the Journal

‘Two tails’ Monkfish and Oxtail

This hearty monkfish recipe by Will Holland is filled with autumnal flavours and would make a fantastic alternative to a Sunday roast, with meaty monkfish paired with salty pancetta, parsnips and a heady red wine sauce. The cooking time for the oxtail might seem a little long, but the sous vide technique will result draw out the meat's natural flavour resulting in meltingly tender flesh.


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